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Reviewed by Danny Orleans.

"Cardiographic" births a flower child. Slow motion color transformation
of a black rose to red is eye popping and mysterious. A+ for Martin Lewis.

The magic community has been graced, once again, by the creativity of Martin Lewis. Inspired by J. N. Hofzinser's "Rose Mirror," he has created a wonderful variation of his "Cardiographic" called "Rosepad." With this heavily gimmicked sketchpad you can perform a serious dramatic story written by Ed Solomon in which a magician, in the throes of self-pity, meets a blind boy who has found a rose. You can see a performance video of "The Apotheosis of the Rose" as well as Mr. Lewis' comedic presentation based on the "McCombical Deck," at www.magikraft.com.

Unlike "Cardiographic" in which a drawing magically appears on a sketchpad, the "Rosepad" causes a stencil drawing of a black rose to slowly and mysteriously change color. Lots of thought went into the gimmick that produces this color transformation that is more like a slow motion morph you'd see in a movie's special effects than a snappy magician's color change. This extra design effort will not go unnoticed by your audience and adds significantly to the mystery of the effect.

Like all of Magikraft's products, this 11" X 14" gimmicked sketchpad is guaranteed for life. If the workings break, they'll fix it for free. When you perform this, you'll give the impression that you have some artistic (as well as magical) talent. However no artistic skill is required as all the necessaries to draw the stencil rose are included. The gimmick's location makes it equally easy to use for left-handed magi. The set-up time to prepare the rose drawing giveaway is similar to "Cardiographic" and I advise making a bunch at one sitting.

Along with the 30-minute performance and explanation on the DVD, Mr. Lewis provides .pdf files of all the art for both the comedic and dramatic presentation. He also has suggestions for a romantic presentation in which a real rose appears and a very good idea for kids birthday parties.

I highly recommend this to you if you are a skilled storyteller (I love how Mr. Lewis had the courage to take his creation in a more serious, dramatic direction) and to all full and part-time professionals who are looking for something different as well as those of you who are happy with "Cardiographic" but want to offer their repeat clients something new.

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