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Here’s a wonderful and baffling penetration-style effect where a die passes through a dollar bill and the side of a drinking glass, as spectators hold the glass.

This one is easy to learn and perform and it’s a winner.

Not a Dicey Proposition

You bring out an ordinary glass and hold it horizontally and drape a dollar bill over it on its side. You then ask a spectator to hold the glass with two hands: one hand over the mouth and the other over the bottom leaving no way in. (If you like, you can have two people hold the glass, which is the way that I performed it.”

You bring out a die and rest it on top of the bill. Now for the magic, you peel the bill away and the die drops into the glass. It’s a visual effect that gets great reactions.

The Kit

The kit comes with gimmicked and ungimmicked dice and materials to gimmick a dollar bill. The gimmicked die looks ordinary and the real die is provided if you want to ring it in for examination. The gimmicking of the bill took me less than two minutes and required no special tools.

The effect requires no sleight of hand. I quickly learned and performed it that evening at one of my restaurants. There are also variations that are taught where the die penetrates a coaster and more.

You’re not left clean but there’s nothing that appears to be suspicious. When I performed it, no one asked to examine the items and the glass was already in their hands.

Reset is fast - pretty much as you put the effect away. Angles are generous and wide but you'll want your spectators mostly in front of you.

Need Glasses

You provide your own glass or can even borrow a glass but it must meet certain requirements. The glasses in my home wouldn’t work but I discovered that the effect worked with the tumblers at my restaurant gig.

I also found that “Die-Namic” will worked with most plastic (throw-away) clear glasses. The kit comes with good instructions but you can also learn to perform the effect via an online video that you unlock with a code. There, Martin Lewis teaches you everything that you need to know.


“Die-Namic” is a fast effect – it’s one of those that’s over in the blink of eye - and it’s a good one. I was pleased with the first rate reactions that it received.

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